About Us

I am Dr. Dogukan SOKMEN (M.D.) I am the founder of BwellTR Medical Tourism and Consultancy Company. After receiving medical education at the world-renowned Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in Turkey, I am working as a urology specialist in Istanbul, the heart of the world.

My aim in establishing this company is to make the whole world benefit from the quality and luxury health services provided in Turkey. While undertaking this, unlike other companies engaged in health tourism in our country, my biggest advantage is that I do know what surgeon does which surgery and how well. This experience started with my 15-year medical career when I was looking for the answer to the question of whom I can entrust if a member of my family gets sick in the future, which I saw while performing surgery in the operating room. Then it turned into a great adventure where I observed and approved 2000 doctors in 22 branches. Now here the purpose of this company is to provide you with this experience as a consultancy.

As you know, every surgery has a learning curve. Most companies, without being aware of this curve, agree with physician friends and institutions where their earnings are at the forefront and take you to a problematic process. The physicians we will recommend to you have only improved themselves in certain diseases and surgeries and have completed the learning curve. Therefore, complication rates are also minimal. In addition, the marketing of the hotel services as health services by the big hospitals and the medical problems that occur afterward have greatly reduced the quality of the work done. Do not forget that the luxury and comfort of the hospital or the leather upholstery of the seats and the digital air conditioners do not cure you. It is primarily your doctor who treats you.

Therefore, our system is based on doctor-based health tourism. If we need to evaluate the differences in our system in more detail:

• This system does not belong to intermediary companies and hospitals, but to doctors
who do the main job. It is a system that has a doctor's advisory board, where your
questions are answered by the doctor and where you deal with doctors who examine
every complaint in detail.
• It is a system that allows doctors to treat and control only the diseases in which they
are experienced.
• It is a system that offers you the right to choose by offering a variety of doctors.
• It is a system that allows you to make online interviews with the doctors of your choice.
• It is a system that takes care of the confidentiality of personal data and patient privacy.
• It is an economically advantageous system since it does not include intermediary firms
and hospitals.
• It is a system that provides sincerity that will make you feel at home and safe in Turkey.

For all these reasons, BwellTR; is a professional organization that approaches you as if you are
getting service in your own country, right next to your home. BwellTR is your most trusted healthcare consultant.