Gold standard treatment method in prostate cancer

Gold standard treatment method in prostate cancer

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

   Prostate Cancer is the most frequent type of cancer among men. It is needed to remove prostate with a surgery if cancer has been diagnosed before it spreads outside the prostate. This surgery is named ‘Radical Prostatectomy’. It can be carried out robotically. Radical Prostatectomy is a surgery technique which all prostate and semen gland called seminal vesicles are removed. If and when cancer has spread through lymph nodes, these lymph nodes may be removed as well in surgery. After completing removal of the prostate, urinary canal and bladder’ (?) is united by stitching. When it comes to Robotic Radical Prostatectomy, it is the way which this surgery is performed with robotic surgery. There are lots of advantages robotic surgery provides;

  • Less incisions
  • Better ability to control cancer with 3D and high-level image quality
  • High capacity to move
  • Protecting erection because prostate is removed without damaging nerves
  • Less bleeding
  • Early discharging from hospital
  • Less time to use of urine bag
  • Quickly getting back to daily life
  • Less risk of infection

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