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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction
What is Breast Reconstruction?

Since breast tissue has an important appearance in the female body, the procedure performed to re-create breast tissue in every patient who has lost breast tissue for various reasons is called breast reconstruction. For this procedure, a flap from the back, abdomen and thigh area is used. The physician decides which method will be used.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
After appropriate drawings are made on the patient, muscle and skin tissues are removed from the area from which the tissue will be taken and taken to the pedicled or free breast area and reshaped there.
Microsurgery is used in these operations, and tobacco and tobacco products should definitely not be used.
Depending on the operation performed, a dressing is applied for 3-4 weeks and a 10-day hospital stay is required.
On the next day, the sutures are removed.
For people who have undergone breast reconstruction, a symmetrical image is obtained by reducing the other breast in the same process.
It may take up to 1 week for the sensitivity and tension to decrease to a minimum level. After 1 week, the person who underwent this operation can do most of his/her own work, but activities such as lifting heavy loads, strenuous physical exercises, and driving should be avoided for 4 to 8 weeks.

All events and factors that increase intra-abdominal pressure should be avoided. Day by day, wounds heal, scars disappear, and getting out of cancer as a whole gives people happiness and confidence.