Butt Implant

Butt Implant

What are Butt implants ?


A shapely and curvaceous backside is essential to a pleasing and proportionate figure. Unfortunately, the rear end is an area that is difficult to improve upon with exercise alone. Loss of volume in the buttocks can also be experienced by people who lose weight by committing to a healthier lifestyle.


As the name suggests, butt implants are silicone implants that are used to add volume to the butt. They are either oval or round in shape and feature either textured or smooth surfaces, similar to the breast implant.

The major concerning area in butt implants is the durability as implants experience pressure while lying or sitting on one’s back. 


If the buttocks you were born with lacks the shape and definition you are looking for, Buttock Implants, or Gluteal Implants, can give you an immediate increase in volume and a fuller appearance to your backside.


Who is a good candidate for a buttock implant?

Buttock implants are on the rise, but this doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone. You may be a good candidate for butt implants if you:

  • recently lost weight and have also lost some of the natural shape of your buttocks
  • feel that your natural shape is too flat or squarish
  • think that your buttocks could use more curves to balance out the rest of your body shape
  • want to fight natural signs of aging, such as sagginess and flatness
  • don’t smoke tobacco
  • lead a healthy lifestyle

Butt Implants Procedure


Buttock implants procedures may be performed using several different surgical techniques. Some of the best results are seen with intramuscular and subfascial buttocks augmentation.


During the Intramuscular Buttocks Augmentation procedure, a pocket is created within the gluteus maximus muscle (the largest of the three gluteal muscles).

With the Subfascial Buttocks Augmentation procedure, a pocket is created under the fascia (a tissue membrane that covers the top of the muscle).


Both of these techniques are used to produce comfortable, natural-looking results.


The buttocks augmentation with implants procedure begins with an incision and formation of pockets for the implants. The incision is made near the tailbone at the top of the buttocks. Your plastic surgeon then forms pockets on each side that are slightly larger than the buttock implants. The pockets are cleansed and a surgical drain is applied to allow fluids to escape during the healing process


The sterile buttock implants are carefully positioned within the pockets to ensure a proper fit. Once your plastic surgeon discerns that the implants are symmetric and placed so that they will produce natural-looking results, the pocket openings are stitched with dissolvable sutures. The incision through the skin is closed with sutures or an adhesive, and a bandage is applied to apply compression and support to the area.


How long does buttock aesthetic surgery take?

The operation time will vary according to the method to be used in buttock aesthetic surgery. It can take in the range of 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours.


Buttock Aesthetic Surgery

Depending on the extent of the procedure, you may be able to go home after a few hours, or you might have to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days.
Recovery generally takes one to two weeks. You can usually return to work in a couple of weeks, and resume vigorous exercise or contact sports in approximately four to six weeks

What are the specific features of the recovery process after buttock implant surgery ?

  • According to the method, overnight hospital stay after surgery may be required.
  • After surgery, the patient should wear a special medical corset for 3-4 weeks to reduce edema and get the best result.
  • She may have difficulty in moving and mild ache and pain for several days after the surgery. This is a normal situation, which is controlled by simple painkillers.
  • You'll have no problem with sitting. Only, you may have some difficulty in sitting down and getting up shortly after the surgery.
  • You may have edema and minor bruising after the procedure. These will decrease gradually and disappear completely after 4 weeks.
  • Except walking, avoid strenuous exercise in the first two weeks. You may do all sports activities after two weeks.
  • You may have a bath on postop day 3. Wear the corset for four weeks and only remove it before having a bath.
  • You'll follow up with your doctor at 1 week, 1 month and 6 months after the surgery.

Possible Butt implantation surgery risks :

Overall, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has documented a 95.6 percent satisfaction rate concerning this type of surgery based on ratings. Despite the high success rate, butt implant surgery still poses risks. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • excessive bleeding after surgery
  • pain
  • scarring
  • skin discoloration
  • infection
  • fluid or blood accumulation underneath the buttocks
  • allergic reactions
  • skin loss
  • nausea and vomiting from anesthesia

What results should I expect after buttock enhancement?

The results of buttock augmentation and/or buttock lift surgery are visible almost immediately. However, it will take some time for the final results of the procedure to fully develop. Satisfaction with your new image should continue to grow as you recover from surgery.

The results of your buttock augmentation surgery will be long-lasting. Over time, your butt's size and shape can continue to change due to aging and gravity. You'll be able to retain your new look longer if you maintain your weight and keep a healthy lifestyle.

If your surgery was performed with fat transfer, it is important to keep in mind that this fat can behave like any other fat in your body. If you gain weight, the fat in your buttocks may grow. If you lose weight, you may lose some of the volume in the buttocks as the fat shrinks.

How much does a Butt implantation surgery cost?

It can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, including:


Experience of the surgeon

Type of implants

Location of the procedure (office, surgery center, hospital)

Type of anesthesia used

*A low-cost Butt implantation surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon who delivers poor results is not a good combination.