Penile ESWT

Penile ESWT
Erectile Dysfunction, generally known as impotence among the general population, is described as the inability of the penis to attain or maintain the hardness required for sexual intercourse. It can be noticed in two out of every three males in the globe, particularly those over the age of 40.

The corpus cavernosum, two cylindrical-shaped islets full of blood vessels, are charged during erection. Every physical disruption that prohibits this charge results in the inability of the penis to erection or maintain its hardness.

What is Low Density Shock Therapy?
When shock waves are emitted to an anatomic region in low-density shock therapy, they cause mechanical stress and microtrauma. Angiogenic factors are produced as a result of mechanical stress and microtrauma. As a result, it triggers a sequence of biological responses that enable blood flow and tissue neovascularization. The erection issues of the penis are therefore resolved by shock waves, increased blood flow to the penis, and the development of new vessels.

How does ED SWT work?
The penile root and other sections of the penis are treated with ED SWT treatment. Each session includes 300 shock shots in each location, for a total of 1.500 shock shots. The product is applied to five separate locations on the penis.

The therapy is divided into six sessions. Therapy might take anywhere from three to ten sessions, depending on the severity of the problem. Each session is around 20 minutes long.

The patient is not given any drugs, sedatives, or anesthetic before to the session. After the treatment, the patient may return to his normal routine.

What Makes It Different From Other Therapies?

Intracavernosal injections of intravenous vasodilating drugs are being used as a non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. The blood flow is enhanced in these procedures by expanding the vessel's breadth. These treatment options have the drawback of not being able to eradicate the underlying pathological reasons that cause erectile dysfunction. It is often taken before to sexual intercourse and has a short duration of effect.

Drugs are given orally, and the active ingredients combine with the blood in medication therapy. As a result of this circumstance, the active chemicals that must open the vessels in the penis operate on the vessels by spreading throughout the body. As a result, patients with cardiovascular disorders face considerable dangers. Focused shock waves activate just the blood vessels in the targeted location during Modus ED SWT treatment.

Even in seriously unwell patients, Modus ED SWT treatment with targeted shock waves removes these pathogenic variables, resulting in total recovery. Modus ED SWT does not enhance vessel width like other therapeutic modalities, but it does result in new vessel development. As a result, higher risk of adverse effects is reduced, particularly in persons with cardiovascular problems.

Furthermore, since Modus ED SWT is a non-invasive treatment, the patient is not surgically treated. The patient returns to his normal routine after roughly 20 minutes of sessions.

Side Effects Sedation or other forms of preparation are not required prior to treatment. During or after the procedure, there is no pain, sting, swelling, empurpling, burning, or irritation in any way.

The treatment does not include any medicines or prosthetics. This form of treatment is absolutely painless.
As with the other therapeutic modalities, it is not need to be used before each sexual intercourse.
It offers permanent treatment, similar to pharmacological therapy, by not only opening the veins for a short period of time but also by removing occlusions in the vessels and stimulating the development of new vessels.
Modus ED SWT treatment has been shown to enhance blood vessel and penis thickness.
After the procedure, the patient may resume his normal routine.
Neither anesthetic nor sedation are required during or after the procedure.
The success rate of ED SWT treatment is more than 80%. Patients who are not responding to medication treatment have a success rate of more than 60%.
Following the ED SWT treatment, the patients no longer need the pharmacological therapies that they previously required.
There are no negative side effects at all.

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