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Penis Thickening

Penis Thickening
Many patients seek a larger penis in addition to a penile extension. The reasons are straightforward: first and foremost, a bigger penis is more aesthetically beautiful. Penis thickening also contributes to an increase in penis length since it hangs lower down and the length seems ideal. Sexuality is also heightened since the partner's arousal is mostly determined by penile thickness rather than penis length. The exterior vaginal (clitoris) and the G-spot are where women's erogenous zones are located. This is located just a few millimeters from the vaginal entrance and is mostly triggered by contact with the penis. A bigger penis, therefore, would result in more intense stimulation.

Because of all of these factors, penis thickening is one of the most frequent procedures we do in our private clinic. But how does penile thickening work, can it be paired with a penis extension, and how long does recovery take? This article has a wealth of information regarding penis thickening.

Many colleagues who do not do intimate male surgery overlook the need of discussing the glans with patients. When the glans thickens the penile shaft while keeping its previous size, the effect isn't always ideal. As a result, we can provide you advice on both: for us, penis thickening entails both penile shaft and glans thickening.

Many patients have fat extracted from the pubic region (mons pubis), the stomach, and the flanks in order to enlarge their penis with autologous fat. Of course, such combinations are feasible, and combining them with a penis extension is a popular choice. Please contact us directly.

We do, of course, provide penile thickening with unique artificial fillers in addition to steady penis thickening using autologous fat. What is the advantage of this option? Some people choose a fast fix or prefer to skip surgery entirely. For these individuals, penis thickening with our stable filler (which lasts around 3-5 years) is an excellent alternative. Others seek permanent penile thickening but first want to see how they appreciate the thicker penis. This is when temporary penis thickening comes in handy. Treatment may be done under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting, with no recovery time required. It's an easy approach to thicken your penis.