Arm Lift

Arm Lift

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

An arm lift (also known as Brachioplasty) is a procedure that removes undesirable subcutaneous fat tissue and drooping skin in the arm area to restore tightness.

When can arm lift surgery be performed?

One of the causes of a person's dissatisfaction is loose and saggy arm skin. This is particularly visible when wearing sleeveless clothes. When both arms are extended out, the Lowe part of the arm sags, like a batwing.

Why does the skin on the arms sag?

The skin on the arm area sags as a result of age, genetic predisposition, excessive weight gain and loss, excessive sun exposure, and gravity.
Fat buildup and skin drooping are the main causes of sagging in the back and inside of the arm, which contain more loose skin and subcutaneous tissue.

How is the Arm Lift Surgery performed?

Excess skin is removed from the arm by incisions made in the armpit or inside the elbow. Excess fat, if there is any, is removed by liposuction or via incisions. At the incision sites, cosmetic sutures are inserted.

How long does the Arm Lift Procedure take?

Depending on the procedure to be used and the state of the area, arm lift operations may take anywhere from one to three hours.

Does an Arm Lift cause any discomfort?
Any minor aches and pains you may have after the procedure will fade over time with the help of medicines recommended by your doctor.

Anesthesia Types

An Arm Lift surgery is done under general anesthesia or sedation with a local anesthetic in a hospital setting.

How much does an arm lift surgery cost?

The procedure to be performed, as well as the operational time and cost, may differ depending on the state of the skin.

What are the dangers of an Arm Lift Surgery?

An Arm Lift Surgery poses various risks, including:

Scarring. Incision scars from an Arm Lift are permanent but are typically placed in areas that aren't easily visible. Rarely, incisions can result in raised, red scars. Injections of a corticosteroid medication or other treatments might be used to improve the appearance of scars.

Asymmetry in the shape of arms. This could occur as a result of changes during the healing process. Also, while the surgeon will do his best to make your arms look as symmetrical as possible, perfect symmetry isn't possible.

Changes in skin sensation. During an arm lift, the repositioning of your arm tissues can affect superficial sensory nerves. As a result, you might feel some temporary numbness.

Problems with stitches. Stitches used to secure the arm's new shape might work their way to the surface of the skin and need to be removed. This can cause inflammation of the affected skin. As a result, you might need additional surgery.

Like any other type of major surgery, an arm lift poses a risk of bleeding, infection, and an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

An arm lift is not for everyone. Your doctor might caution against an Arm Lift if you:

  • Are significantly overweight
  • Have frequent changes in your weight
  • Have a medical condition that interferes with wound healing

How long does it take to recover from Arm Lift Surgery?

While you recover from surgery, you might need to wear a compression garment to control swelling. Your doctor might also insert a temporary drainage tube in your arm to drain any fluid or blood that builds up after surgery.

Your doctor will give you post-operative care instructions to take home. These will cover how to take care of your wounds, which medications to take and when warning signs to look for, and a timeline for follow-up appointments.

It’s important to also avoid smoking while you recover from an arm lift. Smoking slows down the healing process, which raises your risk of developing permanent scarring or infections.

You should be able to return to work or school and resume some activities within two weeks. Within six weeks, you should be able to return to your normal activity level. Tell your doctor about any pain or problems emerging after the initial recovery period.


By removing loose skin, an Arm Lift can give your upper arms a more toned appearance.

Arm lift results are typically long-lasting. Remember, however, that your skin will naturally lose some firmness as you age, and some sagging might occur. Maintaining a stable, healthy weight can help you retain results.