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Arm Lift

Arm Lift
What is Arm Lift?

As you get older and frequently gain or lose weight, sagging of the arm skin may occur due to the influence of genetic factors. If there is sagging that restricts arm movements and negatively affects the quality of life, arm lift method can be applied. Thus, sagging skin is removed by surgery. Surgery can be supported with other applications such as liposuction. Since there is a possibility of scarring as a result of the surgery, it is recommended for patients with serious complaints about this issue.

Thanks to Arm Lift, your arms gain freedom of movement and become proportional to the body. Since excess skin is removed, you can do sports more comfortably. The problem of odor and sweat caused by excess skin is also eliminated.

It is recommended to reduce salt consumption a few days before the operation.
Since the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, 6 hours of fasting and thirst are required.
The operation takes 1-2 hours.
There is a 1 night hospital stay.
There may be pain for 3 days.
A check is made after 1 week.
Improvement is seen day after day.
It is recommended to use a corset for 4 weeks.
Post-operative scars disappear over time.